Horror Movie Review: Halloween Ends (2022)

WARNING: Contains Spoilers

The much-anticipated conclusion in the latest Halloween timeline has finally arrived with the October 14th release of Halloween Ends. The film is directed by David Gordon Green and once again stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

The initial response from Halloween fans has been mixed. Some seem to love it, some seem to hate it while others are neutral. The movie has a 5.1/10 score on IMDB.com, on RottenTomatoes it has a 40% tamometer score while the RottenTomatoes audience scores stands at 57%. 60% of Google users liked the film.

This was a difficult film to score a rating on for myself. There are somethings about the movie that I did not enjoy and some things that I loved.

What I Hate about Halloween Ends:

  1. Corey Cunningham.
    I technically did not hate Corey Cunningham, in fact I felt really bad for him as he was a likeable character. At the same time, I feel like his character in this story was not necessary in the finale. Corey Cunningham scores more kills than Michael Myers in the film which I’m sure upset a lot of Halloween fans. I understand what the film was trying to do with his character but feel like it was poorly executed and overdone.
  2. Evil Defined
    In Halloween ends it is clear that the movie’s writers wanted to prove early on that evil never dies. We are either born evil or the evil is inside us just waiting to be unleashed. Corey Cunningham’s character seemed once to be the All-American guy. His life then turned upside down with the accidental murder of a child that turned him to a bullied outcast. Through it all, Corey still seemed to be decent. Then Michael Myers chokes him and looks into his eyes. The next thing you know Corey can’t control himself and becomes a mass murderer. I thought that was a lazy way to continue on that narrative.
  3. The Absence of Michael Myers.
    With the inclusion of Corey Cunningham’s character we see less of Michael Myers throughout the movie. Laurie Strode is an iconic character in the Halloween series but people pay to see Michael!
  4. The Evolution of Michael Myers
    Michael is now an elderly man who is not as strong as he use to be. He gets the opportunity to drag Corey into his hideout spot after Corey is pushed off a bridge up above by the bullies. Michael chokes Corey to near death before looking in his eyes and seeing what all Corey has been through. At that point he lets Corey go and Corey goes on to become a killer. This was one of the biggest issues I had with the film. That scene and what proceeded gave Michael a perceived supernatural power yet that doesn’t relate to his now limited physical abilities. Does Michael have supernatural abilities that are just mentally sourced? I think that argument can be made in relation to the mental strain that Michael has put on Laurie and the whole town of Haddonfield.

    What I Love About Halloween Ends:

    1. Closure.
    Halloween Ends does give an ending to this timeline. Michael gets stabbed and has his throat and wrist slit. This time Laurie took no chances and paraded Michaels body through town where she then put his body into an industrial sized grinder. Here we see Michael’s body being torn to pieces. Michael Myers has always survived a lot but his body has never been mutilated in that manner.

    2. Laurie Strode
    With Michaels death, it seems as if Laurie may finally be able to find peace of mind. The ending was a calming scene where it looks like she has a chance at love and happiness with Deputy Hawkins.

    3. Visuals
    The movies visuals were very well done which I appreciated.

    In conclusion, while this film is far from perfect, I did enjoy it. I would like to give it one more watch to see if I missed anything or have any different thoughts. I certainly understand why some people hate it, especially those who are hardcore Michael Myers fans. The film wins in some areas and misses the spot in others.

    The most important question myself and others have. Is this really the END of Michael Myers? Maybe for this timeline but I expect we have not seen the last of Michael Myers or the Halloween series. If there is another reboot, I will be anxiously waiting to see where it goes.

    HFH SCORE: 6.4
    View Date: 10/15/2022
    Where I Watched “Halloween Ends?” Peacock

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Binge Watching the Hellraiser Franchise

“What’s your pleasure, sir?”

Hellraiser is a horror movie franchise based on the novel “The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker. The first film of the franchise was released in 1987 and the last in 2018. However, Hulu will exclusively be releasing a new Hellraiser film on October 7th!

With the anticipated release of the new Hellraiser film, I decided to binge watch every Hellraiser film. Yes, all ten of them.

Starting off, this was an easy task as I am a fan of the first few movies. When I first watched the original Hellraiser years ago, I had to rewatch it again just to fully understand what was going. The movie can be quite confusing but can reel you in. Despite not knowing what was going on at that time, I was still “hooked” by the movie. Watching someone solve the Lament Configuration and then seeing Pinhead and his grotesque Cenobites suddenly appear was frightening.

The Lament Configuration

During my binge watch, I was fully entertained throughout the first four movies even though I have watched them multiple times before. For me, after the fourth film is where I felt a drop off. That started with Hellraiser: Inferno, the fifth installment of the Hellraiser franchise. Inferno was not originally written to be a sequel to the franchise. It felt more like low-budget psychological thrillers that I have seen many times.

I continued watching Hellraiser movies 6-10 and also felt the quality of those films were a huge drop off from 1-4. Each of those films have their moments though, gore being their best quality. Doug Bradley as Pinhead makes each film that he is in, worthy of garnering some bonus points. His performance as Pinhead throughout the franchise is fantastic! Bradley would star as Pinhead in Hellraiser I-VIII.

All of the Hellraiser movies have one thing in common, sadomasochism. Pinhead and his Cenobites get off on delivering physical and psychological pain to their victims. If you’re into BDSM, this franchise is right up your alley.

While I am not a fan of some of the latest films in the franchise, I can’t help but be excited for the release of the newest film. The Hellraiser franchise along with its iconic character Pinhead, is a must watch for every horror fan. I would suggest everyone reading this to binge watch the entire franchise before watching Hellraiser (2022).

There is not much known about the 2022 version, even the official trailer doesn’t give much. For me, that makes me more excited to see what it’s about.

Check out the trailer for Hellraiser (2022) below:


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Horror Movie Review: Glorious (2022)

Glorious is a 2022 horror film directed by Rebekah McKendry. The film stars Ryan Kwanten, J.K. Simmons & Sylvia Grace Crim.

Not long after getting into this movie, I could sense the low-budget vibes. You continue to see that throughout, but it certainly does not ruin the film. In fact, I feel like the director did a great job despite the low-budget.

Glorious is pretty absurd and quite comical. The whole premise involves a man stuck in a rest stop bathroom, talking to an ancient God through a Glory Hole. I feel like I may have enjoyed it a lot more if I smoked weed beforehand.

It has enough mystery throughout to keep you watching and then wondering what the hell is happening? In the end, there is a pretty cool twist that I did not see coming that helped to bump up my score of the film. Overall, I was entertained throughout the movie but would not give this a second watch.

HFH Score: 5.8
View Date: 8/28/2022
Where I watched “Glorious?” Shudder

Horror Movie Review: What Josiah Saw

What Josiah Saw is a 2021 horror film directed by Vincent Grashaw and written by Robert Alan Dilts. The film stars Robert Patrick, Nick Stahl, Scott Haze, Kelli Garner, Jake Weber & Tony Hale. The movie is a Shudder Original.

What Josiah Saw has received positive reviews, garnering a 6.1 rating on IMDB and a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. I was a little less fond of the film.

This movie has a slow burning feel to it that can either keep you engaged or make you totally lose interest. I was in the middle of that spectrum. At times I would lose focus and have to get myself back on track. Other times I was curious as how the plot would continue to develop.

The film has a dark and dreary vibe throughout which fits perfectly to the plot. The acting in What Josiah Saw made the movie more enjoyable for me as the top stars turned in top-notch performances. Nevertheless, by the time I finished watching the film I came away unsatisfied.

There were a few creepy moments but overall, the horror factor was lacking. My general consensus after watching was that it made me feel dirty and depressed.

HFH: 4.8

View Date: 8/27/2022

Where I Watched “What Josiah Saw”: Shudder

Horror Character Analysis: The Creeper

In this edition of Horror Character Analysis, we explore a mysterious but terrifying horror monster. In 2001, a new horror character was born with the film Jeepers Creepers. In that movie, we learn of a monster that feeds on humans every 23rd spring, for 23 days. That character is known as The Creeper. We would also see the Creeper again in the 2003 sequel and again in Jeepers Creepers 3 in 2017.

The Creeper is one of the all-time enigmas of the horror genre. Without knowing much, it is a very hard character to analyze. There are so many questions to ask when it comes to it. What is it’s past? How old is it? What the hell is it? Why the hell does it love the Jeepers Creepers song so much?

Despite all those legitimate questions, we can draw a few conclusions. It has unbelievable athletic ability & strength. It is extremely intelligent. It also has a diet that would make Hannibal Lecter very proud, although eating only 23 years may be a bit on the unsafe side. Perhaps, that’s why The Creeper is so violent. Its hangry!

Jeepers Creepers
The Creeper
Jeepers Creeper: Reborn
Habitat For Horror
Jeepers Creepers Reborn: Official Trailer

All jokes aside, The Creeper is one horror villain I would not want to run into. It has the ability to run fast and also fly which would make it difficult to evade it. At the same time, you’re also not safe in a car. The Creeper’s souped-up truck with the license plate “BEATNGU” can travel at extremely high speeds making it impossible to outrun. As mentioned earlier, it has incredible strength. Not only that, but The Creeper is also equipped with daggers and throwing stars.

We also know that The Creeper is extremely hard to kill due to all of the reasons mentioned above, and its ability to regenerate when it eats human organs.

Although much is not known about The Creeper from the previous three films, perhaps we will learn more about it soon. The latest installment of the Jeppers Creepers franchise will release on September 19th, 2022 with Jeepers Creepers: Reborn. While this will be a reboot, I hope it provides us with more answers instead of questions.

Either way, I am excited to get a new look at the creature that terrified me for the first time over 20 years ago.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn – Official Trailer – YouTube

Habitat For Horror August Giveaway Winner Announced

The winner of the HFH August Giveaway was @TFox43 who found out about the giveaway on the Slasher App. Congrats!!

We appreciate everyone who entered the August giveaway. If you entered and did not win, do not fret. You will have another chance to enter the September giveaway! Also, everyone who entered the giveaway will automatically be entered into the HFH Halloween Mega Giveaway in October!

Be on the lookout in the coming days for details on the September giveaway.

Once again, thank you and we hope everyone has a wonderful, spooky week!

The Black Phone Stories by Joe Hill: Every Story Ranked

I recently completed reading “The Black Phone Stories” by Joe Hill. This book is a collection of short stories. While not all of the stories are filled with horror, most do have a paranormal theme to them. The name of the books author may not sound familiar but he is related to someone very well known in the horror genre. Joe Hill is actually the son of iconic author, Stephen King. He changed his name to Joe Hill out of a desire to make his own mark as an author.

The book was originally published under the name 20th Century Ghosts in 2005. Newer editions were published recently to coincide with the hit movie, The Black Phone, starring Ethan Hawke. You can read Habitat For Horror’s review of the film here: https://habitatforhorror.com/2022/06/24/movie-review-the-black-phone-2021/

I purchased the book because of my interest in The Black Phone, so I was excited to see all the other short stories inside. I don’t want to give too much analysis and spoil the stories for anyone who has not yet read the book. I will, however, provide a ranking of the stories from my point of view. These are ranked in order from favorite to least favorite.

The Black Phone Stories Rankings

  1. The Black Phone Stories
  2. 20th Century Ghost
  3. Best New Horror
  4. My Father’s Mask
  5. The Widow’s Breakfast
  6. Voluntary Committal
  7. Scheherazade’s Typewriter
  8. Better Than Home
  9. Abraham’s Boys
  10. In The Rundown
  11. Last Breath
  12. Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead
  13. The Cape
  14. Pop Art
  15. You Will Hear the Locust Sing
  16. Dead-Wood

Do you agree or disagree with the rankings? Let us know in the comment section below.

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