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Horror Movie Review: What Josiah Saw


What Josiah Saw is a 2021 horror film directed by Vincent Grashaw and written by Robert Alan Dilts. The film stars Robert Patrick, Nick Stahl, Scott Haze, Kelli Garner, Jake Weber & Tony Hale. The movie is a Shudder Original.

What Josiah Saw has received positive reviews, garnering a 6.1 rating on IMDB and a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. I was a little less fond of the film.

This movie has a slow burning feel to it that can either keep you engaged or make you totally lose interest. I was in the middle of that spectrum. At times I would lose focus and have to get myself back on track. Other times I was curious as how the plot would continue to develop.

The film has a dark and dreary vibe throughout which fits perfectly to the plot. The acting in What Josiah Saw made the movie more enjoyable for me as the top stars turned in top-notch performances. Nevertheless, by the time I finished watching the film I came away unsatisfied.

There were a few creepy moments but overall, the horror factor was lacking. My general consensus after watching was that it made me feel dirty and depressed.

HFH: 4.8

View Date: 8/27/2022

Where I Watched “What Josiah Saw”: Shudder

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