I may be late to the party, but I have finally entered the Upside Down of the frozen pizza market. Wal Mart has restocked their shelves at various locations with Surfer Boy Pizza and I was able to get my hands on three of the four available styles.

Surfer Boy Pizza comes in pepperoni, multi-meat, supreme and pineapple jalapeno. I was able to secure all the styles except for the pepperoni. If I were to buy a frozen pizza, I would typically go for a standard pepperoni and cheese.

Front of Box

At the end of the day, frozen pizzas are just a convenient, usually lower cost means of having pizza for dinner. While there are some tasty frozen pizzas on the market, it’s not exactly fine dining. That leads me to reviews of each style that I tried.

Back of Box with Free cardboard cutout glasses

Jalapeno Pineapple: Not spicy which I like since I don’t do well with spicy but at the same time the jalapenos had no flavor. As someone who does enjoy pineapple on pizza (Don’t Judge Me) they helped bring a little more flavor to this pizza.

Meaty-Meat: The Pepperoni, ham, and sausage flavors are on point!

Supreme: In effort to not gorge myself in the same way Freddy Krueger killed Greta in Nightmare On Elm Street Part 5, I decided to save this one for a later time.

Pepperoni: Sold out when I made my purchase.

Meaty-Meat Pizza

Aside from the information listed above, what I found most lacking from these pizzas was the taste of the sauce. Like the jalapenos, the sauce was also lacking flavor. It tasted bland, almost like Spaghettio sauce. The crust had a nice crisp to it and overall, it was very filling.

Was it as good as the hype I had heard from friends, family and strangers? I don’t think so but everyone has different tastes so you might end up enjoying it. If you have tried Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza or plan to in the future, let me know what you think!

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