Afflicted is a 2013 Canadian mock documentary/found footage film. The movie is directed and written by Derek Lee & Clif Prowse who also both star in the film.

This movie was recommended to me by a member of the horror community. I’m typically not a fan of found footage style films but the cinematography of this film was much more pleasant than most. The beginning has a documentary vibe to it which made it feel like I was watching an actual documentary. The film then transitioned into more of found footage style.

When someone recommends a movie to me, I tend to have higher expectations which may not be fair in my review. Despite that I did enjoy this movie as it had a few twists and turns I did not see coming. I respected the wishes of the member who recommended the film to me when they instructed me not to look up information on the film before watching. That ended up being a good move and is also a reason why I purposefully don’t get too specific with my movie reviews. If you are interested in this film and haven’t yet watched it, I would also suggest not doing too much research into it beforehand.

HFH Score: 5.7

View Date: 7/17/2022

Where I Watched “Afflicted”: Showtime 7 Day Free Trial

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