This is a story relayed to me by my dad when he was around 8 years old. My dad lived in a small house with multiple brothers and sisters. Him and his brothers shared one bedroom. One night as they lay in bed sleeping, my dad was awakened. As he cleared his eyes, he looked up to the center of the small room. He then witnessed a strange young man who looked like he was approximately in his twenties, standing in the center of the small room. Initially frozen, he mustered up the courage to wake up his oldest brother.

My dad and his brother both now see the man. Frightened and thinking it was an intruder, they pick up shoes by their bed sides and fling them at the unknown visitor. It was at this point that they realized that they were not dealing with an intruder but something supernatural instead. As the shoes they threw hit the target, they passed through the man’s body. Now the two were even more frozen in fear to where they just helplessly watched the figure.

As they observe, things get even more frightening as the man’s appearance starts to change. They originally saw him as a young man in his twenties but then his features changed to that of a slightly older man. His appearance kept changing until the figure’s appearance turned to that of an elderly man. The ghostly man then disappeared to never been seen again.

The next morning my dad and his brother told their parents and their siblings about the experience, but no one believed them. They would later move out of that house. To my knowledge that was the only ghostly encounter my dad ever experienced. He first told me the story when I was a child but I still get the chills thinking about it to this day.

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